Press Release November 2006 Buckingham Palace today confirmed that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are to visit Dunterly Farm, the home of Kielder Organic Meats and the pioneering Anderson family


The Royal couple will be given a personal guided tour of the farm by Colin and Michelle Anderson and will then be taking tea with them in their farmhouse kitchen. Colin and Michelle Anderson have been changing to be fully organic over the last four years. The organic process is now complete with full Soil Association approval. Since becoming fully organic Dunterly has been a runaway success. 

This is already their second meeting with the Royal Family. Earlier in the year they were invited with their daughter, Tracy, to a garden party at Buckingham Palace and were specially selected to meet with Prince Philip and Prince Edward and had a lengthy conversation with them about the way they farm. 

Dunterly has its own Farm Shop, situated in the farmyard, selling organic lamb, beef, and pork  when available.  Visitors will be able to see a working farm in operation as they sip coffee and buy their produce. Colin and Michelle are great believers in letting their customers see how all the food is produced and always happy to let people have a trip around the farm. Jamie Oliver has been a huge influence on the couple who are now organising school visits to the farm to enable urban children to see just where healthy food comes from. A plan to send food to the urban schools, for the pupils to cook and serve to their teachers and parents, is underway. As Colin and Michelle say We are happy to invest in these kids as we see them as our future customers. As Colin and Michelle tend to the livestock they have observed that they are also helping to protect wildlife habitats - now they see twice as many song birds, curlews, lapwings and grouse sharing the pastures with their stock.